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An amazing unique experience brings you to be in an exciting trip which is more than you could imagine. What does make it called unique experience? It is the combination of visiting the temples in Angkor area and experiencing the life of Khmer local people on the floating village and in the countryside. 


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Connecting the experience of your trip from the ancient city of Angkor to the modern and commercial city. Get new taste by enjoying the temple tour and get into the classy life in the capital city.

13 Days, Big Cambodia

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Big Cambodia is implied that your journey is a big one. Start your adventure to explore different provinces in Cambodia, and experience the different life style of local people of each region and of course, including the minority people living in the north east provinces.



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Once again, bring you see the lives of Khmer people living in countryside in present. This time, you will involve those activities with the farmer families, themselves. Let’s find out how it is different from your home country.


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Visit two provinces which are surrounding the great of Tonle Sap. Siem Reap, the famous city of Angkor architecture, and Battambang, the biggest city of French colonial architecture. End your journey by the capital city of Phnom Penh.

16 Days, Big Cambodia & Beach Break

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In addition to the long visit to some provinces around Cambodia, it is the time to relax your body on the beach. Enjoy sea view and fresh air at our beach sites.


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From the ancient capital throughout modern city while your holiday end at the excellent bay recruited.  

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TRAILTOAngkortours & travel is unique in which we have a team directing you to the type of adventure in Cambodia you choose. We have tour directors that have experience in travel advisory positions for many years and we guarantee that your experience will be memorable. Our goal is to help you to share with your friends and family how we did. In order to achieve this, we will work personally with you in planning both before, during, and after your trip.


Look through the webpage to see what we are offering so that we can begin with some of your input information or requirement. Once you select one of the packages, we will begin by answering your questions you may have.


Realistically, once you arrive and see us personally, we realize something might change. Being flexible is often not found in a tour company and we want this to be our difference. Personal attention is our motto.


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